I Want Puppy

I get to borrow Henry from one of our customers a few times a week. He naps in my lap while I ignore everything work related.

It's a pretty good system. Sometimes we read emails and take walks around waiting room together. And pose for pictures a lot.

After he leaves I have to remind myself for the millionth time that
I spend about 1 weekend a month at home,
some airlines now charge full tickets for puppies,
puppies do not like being stuck in my two bedroom apartment full of sewing machines 9-6, every day
Small puppies like Henry might object being left at camp as bear bait

Insert giant theatric sigh.
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  1. Snork, what you need are TWO puppies. That way, they have a friend to attack sewing machines with. And a friend to fight bears with. And a friend to not miss you with. See...just like kids, the secret is to always have two ;) Built. In. Entertainment.


  2. What Stacy said - always, always in 2's. I did it all wrong, by adding a third. I probably have to get her a cat or something to play with now.