CDM5k "Success"

I was pretty psyched that I came in 518th. Out of like, 3,000 people. Nope. Out of 680.

76th percentile.  As in, not even in the top three quarters. 

And, why is it that every 'official' picture of me looks terrible? I was really hoping for a Baywatch type slow - motion captured on film, long flowing hair, bouncy boobs and everything. Fail.

Giraffy looks super awesome, and totally in Baywatch mode, and I look like I'm reciting the little drummers part in the Nutcracker. 

36:32 minutes. 

More training in order. 

On the bright side, Mr Snork's pictures look like he's taking a poop, so that's pleasing.  Does that make me a bad partner? 

Aside from the Giraffy household being definately more in motion photogenic, it was very scenic.  That there is Pacific Ocean in the background, my friends. 

And some creepy awesome flowers. 

And, there was creme brulee at the end.  AND, chicks stopped me to ask what I did to my shirt, cause I shortened it, did a swirly embroider thing on the sleeves and gathered the shoulders.  So, it's almost like I had fans.  I felt very celebrity like. 

Also, let's dicuss this look:

I think I might like it.  I think I want those boots. 

I do. 

I definately do. 

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  1. You two look pretty awesome! Great job!

    Also, yes. You need the boots. They are freaking awesome.